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Ohio Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Ohio Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Children feel the need to try their best to get superior care for their parents as they get old, specifically concerning the health care and observation they may need if they are sick.

The average child spends countless hours investigating and going to facilities seeking the best one, carelessness on the side of the facility and its workers sometimes ends in horrific injuries and illness.

At Rappaport Law we believe that it is the responsibility of nursing home staff members to pay attention to the needs of each resident and make sure they receive medical care when necessary.

Call Rappaport Law Today if any of the following occur to your family member:

    • Is not provided with enough food or drink
    • Is not given proper bathing and cleanliness
    • Help is not given when she gets up, moves around, or when going to the bathroom
    • The Nursing home doesn’t have competent doctors
    • The nursing home Fails to adequately staff the facility to handle the needs of its residents
    • Neglect the duties promised to the residents and their families
  • The Facility try’s to cut corners on care and support in order to make more money
  • The Nursing home hired abusive employees

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