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Ohio Daycare Abuse-Rappaport Law

Ohio Daycare Abuse-Rappaport Law

Daycare Abuse Cases in Ohio are some of the most disturbing cases that Rappaport Law handles.

It is a terrifying experience to have the person entrusted with your child, your most valuable possession, to abuse your child.

If you suspect that this has happened to your child and you want to speak with a lawyer right now call (216) 407-5199. Rappaport Law is here for you to get the justice you deserve.

Best Ways to Prevent Daycare Abuse

  1. Check that the daycare facility is intended so that parents are free to visit unexpectedly, with no conditions to first call and that there aren’t any places that parents can’t go to or see unexpectedly.
  2. Find out who will be intermingling with your child besides for the daycare provider and staff. Much of the sexual and physical abuse and exploitation associated with childcare centers occurs at the hands of individuals not directly involved in teaching or child-care responsibilities: bus drivers, janitors, and relatives of the daycare center providers. In 36% of cases examined by a nationwide study of daycare abuse, children were sexually molested by family members related to the staff — mainly husbands or sons. Make sure that your child’s contact with such persons is limited, and question your child closely about them.
  3. Learn who takes your child to the bathroom, and when. Two-thirds of all daycare sexual abuse and mistreatment happens when someone takes your child to the bathroom.
  4. Ensure that the restrooms don’t have areas where your child could be secluded.
  5. Confirm that there is the appropriate observation of the children during nap time. Children are more at risk for sexual abuse during nap time because usually other children are sleeping and other staff are often not around
  6. Chat in detail with the daycare worker how the discipline of children is controlled — who oversees it, under what situations it is used, and in what forms it takes.
  7. Ask about the level of training and education of all daycare persons work together with your child, and decide if they were screened for criminal history, emotional problems, or drug abuse. Be careful!!! Because usually volunteers or teacher’s aides are not likely to have been prudently screened. Neglect in daycare usually results from a failure to properly screen during the hiring process.
  8. Talk with your child every day about his or her experiences at the daycare facility paying close attention to the feelings of your child. Ask the child if anything has occurred to make them feel uncomfortable.