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Products Liabilty Defective Products- Rappaport Law

Products Liabilty Defective Products- Rappaport Law

Severe injuries and demises caused from defective products are not for the most part rare in Ohio. Regrettably, consumers often make an almost intuitive assumption that the items they purchase from well-known stores and online retailers are harmless and immune from defects.

The truth of the matter is, some of the most terrible injuries and catastrophic deaths in Ohio every year are triggered by defective products.

Identifying Product Liability and Defective Consumer Goods

Consumer and business goods surround us in our day-to-day lives and are tangled in almost everything we do. From the garments we put on, to the foodstuffs we consume, to the medications we take, to the mechanisms we use, and to the automobiles we operate- We rely on the corporations producing and marketing consumer products to take the suitable precautions and inspections to guarantee that their products are safe to bring home to our family.

These days, however, products and their module components are often imported into the United States from foreign producers and merchants. Throughout this exchange, little is recognized or able to become known about their designs or their danger.

Despite the government’s attempts to regulate product safety, due to the enormous number of products sold from global economy, dangerous goods can and do often come to marketplace and cause grave danger. Additionally, many legislative acts have loosened the requirements, specifically in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, that businesses conduct pre-market experiments and investigations to ensure that their products are harmless for usage and eating.

All of this leads to a situation where potentially dangerous and defective products are being sold to American consumers regularly.

Ohio Law and Product Liability/Defective Products

Under Ohio Law, it is illegal to make or sell unreasonably dangerous products. If a person is harmed by a defective product, Ohio law provides substantial securities. Additionally, by selling a defective product, a manufacturer; distributor or seller of the product is liable for the payment of damages concerning any personal injury caused by the product. This can also include treble damages with attorneys’ fees. Although Ohio law provides remedies to targets of defective products, in order to use the court system competently to get these monetary compensations you must first go to a competent Products liability attorney like The Rappaport Law Firm in Ohio.

The Rappaport Law Firm has access to a large range of experts available to effectively evaluate and petition product liability cases, including: engineers specializing in bio-mechanical, auto, chemical, industrial, materials, civil and electrical engineering.

At The Rappaport Law Firm, we will also consult a wide-variety of medical experts, manufacturing hygienists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, life-care planners, economists and actuaries in order to build credibility in our research of the product liability litigation.

The Rappaport Law Firm will crack into the files and records of companies to show their careless shortcuts, errors and missteps causing the promotion of a defective product or consumer good.

The Rappaport Law Firm is of the belief that our product liability litigation produces not only justice for distinct victims, but also needed changed surrounding product liability and consumer safety. It is our law firm’s aim to avoid defective products from hurting Ohio residents in the future.

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