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Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit-Rappaport Law

Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit-Rappaport Law

Are you looking to join the Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit?

You are not alone.

Photographs of massive chemical burns/rashes left on the underarms of men using Old Spice deodorant are surfacing all over the Internet.

Part of what sets Old Spice Deodorant apart from its competitors is its ‘manly’ scent, according to advertising campaigns.

However, according to the NY Daily News, the issue may be Old Spice’s powerful fragrance.

The fragrance, allege sources, has the potential to leave Old Spice deodorant users with painful chemical burns. These injuries may warrant any user the right to file an Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit.


The lawsuit was filed against Procter & Gamble this month (March 2016). Now anyone who suffered extreme injuries as a result of using Old Spice Deodorant are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney for more information on how to file an Old Spice deodorant lawsuit.

If you believe you are experiencing severe symptoms as a result of using Old Spice deodorant, contact your doctor or a medical provider right away.

In order to file a class action lawsuit, you will need to contact an attorney experienced in Filing an Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit. They will then begin  to gather the information needed to build your case. This will include medical notes and photos of the injury, or injuries.

If you have questions about the Old Spice Deodorant Lawsuit, and would like to speak with a professional personal injury attorney in Ohio, call (216) 407-5199 for answers right away.

Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit: A History of Consumer-Based Complaints

Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Old Spice, has also allegedly been accused of ignoring numerous consumer-based complaints over the years.

The complaints include descriptions of severe irritation in areas where Old Spice deodorant was applied, along with burning, rashes, general discomfort and purple discoloration of the skin.

“Papers name 13 Old Spice deodorant products… as potentially “defective” and dangerous,” says NY Daily News.

According to sources, a selection of the 13 varieties included in the Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit are believed to be:

  • Old Spice After Hours
    old spice deodorant chemical burns lawsuit

    Old Spice Deodorant Photo Taken from Walmart.com

  • Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance
  • Old Spice Arctic Force High Endurance
  • Old Spice Champion
  • Old Spice Wolfhorn
  • Old Spice Bearglove
  • Old Spice Fresh High Endurance
  • Old Spice Lion Pride
  • Old Spice Classic Fresh
  • Old Spice Fiji
  • Old Spice Swagger


According to an article published in March 2016, men who suffered serious chemical burns as a result of using Old Spice Deodorant, may qualify to receive compensation through filing an Old Spice Chemical Burns Lawsuit.

Other symptoms of Old Spice Deodorant injuries include:

  • Rashes
  • Burning, itching
  • Purple discoloration
  • Puss-filled scabbing
  • Infection
  • Chaffing
  • Raw skin

“The suit comes from Rodney Colley, an Alexandria, Va., resident who says he suffered rashes and burns after “only a few uses” of an Old Spice deodorant,” reports the NY Daily News.

According to various news sources, the lawsuit against Old Spice (Procter and Gamble) was filed on March 11. It includes 13 different varieties of Old Spice deodorant.

The class-action lawsuit is said to have been filed in Ohio’s Southern District Court. It is also said to include photographs of Mr. Colley.

It is noted that seven other individuals have come forward with similar accusations thus far.

Procter & Gamble’s Response to the Old Spice Deodorant Chemical Burns Lawsuit

While complaints are arising across the country, the makers of the potentially harmful product Old Spice, Proctor & Gamble, claim that these kinds of reactions are very rare.

However, reviews of the product published by consumers online reveal that many people who use Old Spice are often not happy with the outcome.

There are complaints on the Consumer Affairs web site ranging back to 2012 with individuals saying they had experienced burns and severe irritation on their skin as a result of using certain Old Spice deodorants.

“After using Red Zone Old Spice Swagger on one application, I began to experience intense burning,” writes one man. “I have red burns under my arms and currently, I cannot wear any deodorant of any kind due to the pain and irritation until my underarm skin heals. I cannot tolerate wearing any deodorant until my skin completely heals from the burn which occurred after using Old Spice Swagger.”

“After using the deodorant a couple of times, I experienced a slight burning throughout the day,” writes another man in 2012. “After I recently used it (9/14), I noticed a red ring around my armpits. Today (9/17), they have gotten so bad that it looks like they are starting to puss. It is the most uncomfortable pain and nothing that I do will help ease it. I have yet to go to the doctor, but I intend to go this following Monday. This is possibly the worst deodorant I have ever bought.”

According to news sources at ABC, Procter and Gamble is said to have released the following statement in light of this developing information:

“The safety of the men who use Old Spice is the foundation of everything we do. We go to great lengths to ensure our products are safe to use, and tens of millions of men use this product with confidence and without incident every year,” the spokesperson said.

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