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One Pennsylvania mother was horrified to find her two-year-old crushed beneath an Ikea dresser. He was pronounced dead a few hours after the incident occurred.

Ikea has announced that it will recall more than 29 million dressers after the death of at least three toddlers since 1989, reports say.

The world’s leading furniture manufacturer, Ikea, announced the involuntary recall alongside the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) this June. It is the MALM series dresser, sources say, that is the prime target of this consumer safety recall.

“I didn’t know to anchor my furniture and, in my mind, I feel that we really shouldn’t have to,” Collas said. “Get rid of it, it’s dangerous, it’s a really dangerous product,” Jaquelyn Collas told ABC news.

According to Collas, the manufacturers of this product are not ensuring its safety; nor are they providing consumers with a comprehensive warning, as to tip-over risks.

According to reports, the company will offer refunds for recalled Ikea dressers; or a safety update/repair for existing furniture.

“…a child in the U.S. is killed every two weeks in a tip-over related incident involving furniture or TVs, and hundreds more are injured. In addition to agreeing to the recall, Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer, made a commitment to sell in the U.S. only dressers that comply with the most up-to-date performance standards for furniture stability,” writes Consumer Reports.

Which Ikea Dresser Models are Being Recalled?

Several Ikea models of dressers and drawers are being recalled, including any children’s model that is more than 23.5 inches tall. This Ikea Dresser recall also includes adult models which are taller than 29 inches.

The following Ikea Dresser models are also being recalled: 


How to Report a Recalled Ikea Dresser as a “Tip-Over” Risk

Those who believe they have one of the above-mentioned Ikea Dresser MALM models are encouraged to call 1-866-856-4532 or email: secureit@ikea.com, for customer support and more information regarding the Ikea Dresser Recall.


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Ikea Dresser Recall

Jessie Schoonover
Senior Journalist