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Personal Injury Attorney Jason Rappaport is here to listen to you. We know that personal injury claims are about more than money. They are about people. Respect, compassion and care are what you can expect from Personal Injury Attorney Jason Rappaport of the esteemed Ohio law firm, Rappaport Law.

Answers from a Personal Injury Attorney in Ohio- Car Accident Injuries, Wrongful Death, Birth Injuries & More

Life is full of unforeseen happenings. Injuries caused by the irresponsible actions of others can pose many challenges for your own life.

After suffering from a personal injury, you may ask yourself questions such as: ‘Will my insurance pay for my claims?’ ‘What happens if I cannot go back to work?’ And, ‘How will I support myself or my family?’

Personal Injury Attorney Jason Scott Rappaport is here to help you figure all of these problems out.

Committed to helping victims, Personal Injury Attorney in Ohio Jason Rappaport is well knowledgeable at representing all of our clients in a wide-ranging of cases and is completely devoted to chasing proper payment from slip and fall to wrongful death.

Rappaport Law will work with you, taking into consideration every piece of your case, so that we may create the best plan for attaining the most money for your injuries.

Our Personal Injury Attorney Areas of Expertise

Do you need an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to take control of your personal injury settlement case? Based in Ohio, our trusted Personal Injury Attorneys, represent individuals across the United States.

Our personal injury attorney council excels in the following areas of expertise:

Personal Injury Attorney Costs 

There are never any out-of-pocket costs paid to Rappaport Law, because we work on a contingency basis.  Upon settlement of your case, Rappaport Law will be paid a percentage of the recovery and if there is no recovery — there are no fees.

So that means we need you to win to get paid!

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What to do if you get into an Accident


Injury triggered by an accident varies considerably, as can the numerous situations that can cause an accident. Because of this, the first move a car accident victim should make is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can help them figure out how to move forward.

No Obligation Case Consultation for Free!

It is imperative that you completely comprehend the legal significance of your case, your legal privileges, and the choices you can make. Rappaport Law’s free, no obligation case consultations gives our potential clients and opportunity to speak with a personal in jury attorney in Ohio.

Your Case

Your case will handed over personally to attorney Rappaport, who will be in contact with you from the beginning to the very end till you get a monetary award you are entitled to , telling you of all your choices, and all decisions you will need to make throughout the entire process. If you require, Rappaport Law will connect you with competent physicians to make sure that you are properly cared for, and put onto the path to recovery.

Your Responsibility

While you focus on getting better, Rappaport Law will be at work nonstop negotiating with insurance companies, doctors, witnesses and everyone that was involved in your accident, working to realize the best conceivable outcome for your case.